Empower seamless IoT Connectivity with Robustel R5020 Lite 5G router


Robustel R5020 5G Lite with GNSS and 4 Pin Power Connector

Robustel’s IoT solution is a game changer for customers who are looking for a cost-effective option to migrate from previous-generation technologies to 5G. With the R5020 Lite, users can easily get the precise location of their device through an independent GNSS interface. Equipped with 4-PIN Microfit, R5020 lite B has vehicle power interface support, making it stable and reliable for use in vehicles and powered by LTE Cat 18 – a powerful LTE-A router that ensures high-speed connectivity with a fuller 5G NSA coverage and the advent of any 5G SA coverage. Additionally, robustel’s solution is compatible with RCMS, which allows customers to monitor and operate equipment thousands of miles away without having to be physically present.


Stable and reliable use on vehicles with 4-PIN Microfit
The most cost-effective option for migrating to 5G
Fuller 5G NSA coverage and any 5G SA coverage
Users can easily get the precise location of their
Monitor and operate equipment thousands of miles away remotely with RCMS

Network Backup Link Solution

•Experience uninterrupted connectivity with our advanced device. In the event of a disruption in your fixed network connection, our device seamlessly switches to 5G to ensure that you stay connected at all times.

• Enhance the connectivity of your enterprise with support for PPPoE Bridge. This feature ensures a reliable and high-speed internet connection, allowing you to provide seamless WiFi services to your users. By upgrading your network infrastructure today, you can experience the benefits of enhanced productivity and uninterrupted connectivity.

• Transform your network management experience with RCMS. Our advanced system offers real-time monitoring and remote configuration support, making network administration effortless. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing your network and enjoy the ease and convenience that RCMS brings to your business.

Bus Passenger Wifi Solutions

•Bus companies are always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction, and a great solution is to offer reliable and easy-to-use services, such as bus WiFi. This amenity allows passengers to stay connected while traveling, making the journey more enjoyable and productive. By prioritizing the needs of their customers with services like bus WiFi, companies can create a positive and memorable experience for their passengers.

• With high-speed WiFi powered by R5020 Lite B and the reliable filtering capabilities of Friendly WiFi, bus services now have the ability to offer seamless internet connectivity during commutes.

• Enhance the riding experience with high-speed wireless internet connectivity, now available on-board our buses. Passengers can seamlessly and securely connect to the internet, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. Experience the convenience and satisfaction of modern technology while travelling with us.

Special Vehicle Solutions

• R5020 Lite can provide high-speed and stable Wi-Fi for police equipment to access the Internet, such as vehicle-mounted tablets, law enforcement computers, law enforcement video surveillance equipment and other vehicle-mounted equipment.

• Looking to manage your fleet’s SSID and access rights more effectively? Our system has got you covered with its Captive Portal function, allowing you to easily manage all your network settings in one place. Trust us to provide you with the tools you need to streamline your workflow and keep your fleet running smoothly.

• Gain full control of your network with GNSS support. Seamlessly manage your devices and position them accurately on the RCMS map.