Realwear Tri-Band Strap + Micro Brim (3cm) Bump Cap

For HMT-1 only

The Tri-Band Strap + Micro Brim Bump Cap replaces the standard Overhead Strap for a more secure fit. The Tri-Band Strap secures the HMT-1 to the Micro Brim Bump Cap, which is a comfortable, breathable cap with a removable impact-resistant liner. It is suitable for environments that require head cover but do not require hard hats. The shorter micro brim also provides shade without interfering with the HMT-1.

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  • Designed as a safeguard to accidental bumping or scraping of the head
  • Testing to A1 includes impact tests at 30° and 60° from the crown as well as the normal tests required by EN812
  • Fully adjustable to allow perfect fit
  • Twelve ventilation ports
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Head Circumference: 53-63cm (one size fits all)
  • Weight: 0.2Kg (Weights are approximate)
  • Brim Length: 3cm
  • Impact liner Materials: HDPE
  • Cap Materials: Canvas
  • ComfortPad Materials: Expanded Neoprene
Amplicon Middle East - Realwear Tri-Band Strap + Micro Brim (3cm) Bump Cap-2