RealWear Navigator ® Z1 – Work Smarter, Faster and Safer in Hazardous Environments


RealWear Navigator® Z1- Built For Challenging Environments

Superpower your frontline teams in hazardous environments, with AI enabled, hands-free solutions.

Built for Oil & Gas professionals in production environments to tackle operational inefficiencies, mitigate safety risks, and reduce the emerging knowledge gap from retiring experts.
Experience hands-free communication and streamlined two way data sharing, that will revolutionize knowledge sharing for your frontline teams in hazardous environments.
Frontline workers can collaborate remotely with experts to immediately get the help they need to get back on track – all without compromising safety.

Improved Productivity

RealWear users can maintain situational awareness while logging real-time inspection data based on situational hazards and issues, all hands-free.

Accuracy is essential for any operational business. Errors and a lack of knowledge within new frontline teams can impact productivity and cause delays.

Minimize Disruption

Unexpected maintenance delays don’t just inconvenience, they impact your bottom line. RealWear Navigator® Z1 helps overcome challenges with ease.

Inspections can lead to delays – particularly if your team is required to build documentation and take photos while carrying a tablet.

Transfer Knowledge

RealWear offers a range of solutions to help reduce the possibility of human error when it comes to workflows, knowledge sharing, and AI. Using digital workflows, sharing critical knowledge, and using step-by-step instructions, users can quickly solve issues and connect with others to discuss problems and pull up important documents or data.