ITA-460 series – AI and 5G Platform Powers Autonomous Things


The ITA-460 series for in-vehicle applications is the newest AI platform from Advantech. This in-vehicle platform is fanless, modular, rugged, and powered by an Intel® CPU. It also enables AI visual recognition. As the primary control hub for collecting, processing, and evaluating data from all vehicle sensors, the ITA-460 series plays a crucial part. it is a very reliable and extensible in-vehicle solution which also created for heavy machinery used in the mining, agricultural, and construction industries, as well as for after-market expansions.

Ubuntu-certified CPU and GPU integration

While Artificial intelligence is increasingly the driving force behind most developments in the heavy machinery and mobility industry, the Advantech ITA-460 series features a potent “Intel® 8th/9th Gen CoreTM i” CPU onboard and enable the installation of many extensions that considerably boost functionality and efficiency. One of these extensions is the MXM GPU for AI acceleration, which enables vehicle operators to use AI to its fullest capacity for tasks like obstacle detection, shape-shifting, pattern recognition, and many other things while also running workloads with a lot of data.

Three small PCIe expansions are included in the ITA-460, allowing it to incorporate WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth, and GPS wireless technologies for high-speed data transfer in demanding data-intensive applications. With its significant GPU integration, I/O interfaces, and storage expansion, this device helps overcome the drawbacks of conventional in-vehicle systems by enabling them to perceive, think, evaluate, and react to events intelligently. The ITA-460 series gives autonomous machines a sense of control comparable to that of a human.

Together with Canonical, Advantech created a certified Ubuntu distribution for the ITA-460 that includes control flow integrity, stack collision protection, and kernel self-protection. Additionally, this device offers developers the finest out-of-the-box Ubuntu experience and is perfect for a variety of AIoT vehicle applications thanks to over-the-air (OTA) and transactional updates.

Featuring IP67-rated protection and compact design

A smaller in-vehicle device is preferable due to the constrained space in the majority of vehicles. High durability is another important factor for designers of in-vehicle applications. Advantech’s ITA-460, which measures 190 x 70 x 220 mm, is the company’s smallest in-vehicle computer. It complies with IP67 protection standards, has withstood rigorous military grade endurance testing, and has passed the IEC 60721-3-5 5M3 standard that can endure 3G-force shock and the MIL-STD-810G standard that can tolerate high vibrations (5G, 10-500Hz) for up to 8.

A new approach to ignition power management

Since in-vehicle systems can only be powered by the vehicle itself, and power changes as the vehicle is switched on and off, they differ completely from most industrial computers that generally run nonstop. As a centralized control hub, an in-vehicle system must not depend on power surges or outages.

In order to achieve this, ITA-460 and ITA-460G have a smart power circuit design that carefully manages the vehicle’s regular circuitry, with a vehicle power supply of 12/24 VDC (ISO 7637-2) and a wide input voltage range (8 – 32 VDC). With an innovative ignition power management design, all critical functions of the in-vehicle electrical system are continuously powered and the risk of a malfunction is greatly minimized.

As autonomous heavy equipment and machinery become increasingly prevalent, they will enable construction, agriculture, and mining industries to solve operational issues like abnormal behaviors and costly accidents, and will increase productivity, decrease operational costs, and increase safety.