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Join Advantech IIoT Academy to learn and develop new skills

The Advantech website company recently launched three new websites:

  • Advantech IIoT Academy
  • Industrial I/O
  • Intelligent Connectivity

Through these sites, developers can access nearly 150 training courses and broaden their knowledge of IIoT through online courses, certification programs, product technologies, industry trends, and applications.

  1. Advantech IIoT Academy, an online learning platform

The Advantech IIoT Academy is the most robust and consolidated online learning platform available

With this platform, users have access to IIoT foundational knowledge, product information, practical advice, troubleshooting, and training for certifications, all integrated together.

IoT Academy’s extensive range of courses includes five categories:

      • Industrial I/O
      • Communications
      • I. Apps and Edge Solution Ready Package (SRP)
      • Industrial applications
      • Technical trends

With the well-designed dashboard of IoT Academy, learners can easily track and follow their performance on key training metrics. Learning IIoT with IIoT Academy is ideal for learners seeking IIoT knowledge or Advantech partners searching for technical training or certification tests for accreditation.

Explore these courses by registering on the Advantech website:

  1. Industrial I/O solution site

As companies and governments move into the IoT era, they are searching for solutions that can help them combine data analytics to create better products, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce operational costs. Data collection and monitoring from field sites are essential for manufacturers, owners, and service engineers. The company’s diverse line of I/O products consists of sensor modules, add-on cards, wireless I/O devices, and software tools that not only satisfy measurement, control, and communication requirements but also provide cloud integration for the management of data across a wider area.

You can also find more data acquisition solutions at:

  1. Intelligent connectivity solution site

The ultimate aim of technology-from IoT to AI innovation-is to make the world a better and brighter place. A growing number of data acquisition devices increases the demand for network transmissions. In addition to integrating advanced transmission technologies such as time-sensitive networking (TSN), 5G, and Wi-Fi 6, Advantech offers Modbus, Fieldbus, and Ethernet capabilities and management software, providing a seamless and solid communication environment for industries of all kinds.

You can learn more about network communication solutions at: